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Mike Tyson is one of our best Producers guaranteed to produce big heads, bones and excellent temperament.

Duna Produces Huge bones a big head and very muscular chest

Do not look any further if you want a female that is built like a male this is it.
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Macho Grande is the top Presa Canario breeder and our goal is to produce the best Presa Canario's on the planet.

It takes more then pairing two dogs together, to be considered a Presa Canario breeder!

It takes a lot of patience in ones quest to being the best Presa Canario breeder, and willingness to loose a lot of money and time by importing dogs that may not turn out to be the absolute best. Over the years we have imported dogs from Europe and Spain that have turned out to have different health and genetic issues. However, just because we made the investment and the dog was defected rather then pass along the bad gene and reproduce it anyway we spayed or neutered the defected animals and gave them up for adoption like a responsible breeder should do. Because of this along with other professional breeding practices we are still here today and arguably the best Presa Canario Breeder in the country. Bring home a bundle of love and affection from our dogs for sale. The dog breeders at the Macho Grande Canarios Kennel of Elk Grove, Ca strive to breed the best Presa Canarios on the planet. Our professionals offer top-quality dogs that are worth the money. Every puppy comes with a health certificate and warranty to give you a sense of security. When you purchase an animal, we understand things happen and we want you to know that your money is never lost. We are always available for questions and assistance for as long as you have the dog. Your dog is not the only one joining your family so are we.
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Producing the best since 2004

Customer Service 100%
Personal Protection Training Services 99%
Knowledgeable about the breed 100%
Health Warranty 100%
Happy customers 98%
Qualified staff 100%

Why Choose Us?

  • Plain and simple, we are very knowledgable about temperament, breed defects, and bone structure.
  • We have carefully bred out all the genetic and temperament problems within the breed.
  • You can be confident in knowing that you will get the best of the best Presa Canario money can buy.
  • Health is very important to us; as a result, we warranty everyone of our Presa Canario puppies against any genetic problem that may occur with their health!
Wonderful Customers & Counting
Customer Issues Resolved & Counting
Customer Questions Answered & Counting
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You find us here…

9340 Euthalia Ct Elk Grove Ca 95993
Phone: 916.529.8028
Web: www.machograndecanarios.com
Email: grandemachocanarios@gmail.com

Here at Macho Grande, we strive to breed the best Presa Canarios on the planet.
Put God first in all you do, and treat your customer like you want to be treated!
We promise to treat all our customers like part of our family and treat each and everyone fairly. We promise to stay committed to you and your new family pet for the duration of his or her life guaranteed.

Remaining the top Presa Canario Breeder for Over 12yrs, and staying consistent with excellent breeding results is why we are the top Presa Canario breeder. Now lets see what some of our customers Have To Say?

We love our Customers and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust by offering amazing customer service and outstanding support!

When I first contacted Macho Grande Canario’s I was weary about purchasing a Perro De Presa Canario. However, after talking with Art a customer service rep at Macho Grande Canario’s I was connected to a wealth of knowledge about the temperament and overall health issues within the breed. My mind was soon put to ease and I was on my way to purchasing a new addition to our family. I must say, this was a very pleasant and comfortable experience for me and my family. We have had our Presa for over two years now and he is everything we could ever imagine in a pet. We would recommend Macho Grande Canario’s to anybody. Thanks Macho Grande!
Robert Pheifer
From the moment I contacted Macho Grande Canario’s I was treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. My personal experience was excellent. I am very happy with my pup so far. Cloey De Macho Grande is only 6 months old and she is already showing signs of protection. She barks at anyone who comes to the door. I am so happy with my baby I would recommend Macho Grande any day thanks Macho!
Joe Dudley
Thanks Macho for my best friend. I am very happy with my male who is 2yrs old and already weighing 138 pounds. I have been truly educated on the breed and have been in close contact with the staff at Macho Grande. I have called at different times of the day and night and have always reached a staff member who treated me like family. Thanks Macho Grande you are the best.
Kelly Morgan

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