This page displays the truth about Macho Grande Canario females.

We believe in sticking to the original Presa Canario Canary Islands look. This page will show case the best examples of the breeds females. Each dog you see is owned by Macho Grande Canarios!


Prey driven High Drive import straight from the Canary Islands

Produces Big heads and wide bodies


Working Blood lines

If you want a dog that won’t quit with high prey drive stop and look know further.

Ginger De Macho Grande

Absolute Beast

Produces the biggest and baddest Presa Canarios there is!

Over the years we have fused different blood lines that we have personally tested to assure good breeding quality. We have experienced all types of genetic issues within the blood lines we had to weed out. As a result we now have excellent breeding stock that are proven producers. Here at Macho Grande we understand that as a customer you are not buying our personal dogs. You are buying what they produce. Please refer to our produced page to see examples of what you can expect from Macho Grande Canarios.