140 Pound Big Hoss De Macho Grande

Big Hoss is very Protective and loyal to the family. 140 Pounds of lean muscle a very good example of the exotic tiger style Presa Canario!

If you like a high drive Presa Canario/Dogo Canario please don’t look any further. Big Hoss has the blood lines for you, he will not hesitate to attack if you are an intruder and he will not back  down nor will he give in. Movement is impeccable and prey drive is certain! Big Hoss is always watching and I couldn’t ask for a better family member and companion.

138 pound Guappa De Macho Grande

High Drive and working lines excellent protection dog!

140 pound Toriono De Macho Grande


Excellent protection and bite work dog! Strong temperament!

130 Pound Bang Bang De Macho Grande

Layed Back Until Needed

Loyal Loyal Loyal

140 Pounds @ 10 Months Oso De Macho Grande


10 Months old & 140 Pounds already

All I can say about this dog is he doesn’t know any fear

145 Pounds Sancho De Macho Grande

If you are into hog catching this is the blood for the Job

Prey Driven

Absolute beast, this dog will tear anything moving apart. He studies his prey and hides in bushes until the right moment of attack and good bye your history. I seen him tear down a pig in less then 10 seconds.